Family and Child Specialist, Therapeutic Foster Care

Birmingham, Alabama, United States Full-time

Be a game changer.  

Be a Family and Child Specialist in Therapeutic Foster Care.


As Alabama's leader in family solutions and Birmingham's oldest nonprofit, Gateway is looking for top-notch professionals to work with, support and counsel therapeutic foster children and specially trained foster parents.  We hire the best people, because the youth, bio families and foster parents we serve deserve nothing less. Every member of our team is a game changer, leader and innovator, dedicated to finding loving homes for children who also need trauma-informed care.

Purpose and Mission:

We believe the wellbeing of a child's mental health is safe permanency.  Therefore we are searching for exemplary people to provide case management services to clients, so that foster children with mental health needs can heal from trauma, find permanency and become strong young adults.  Family and Child Specialists in TFC will also work with foster parents, building on their strengths, addressing their needs, helping them engage, teach, counsel and support the youth in their homes.  


  • Children and teens in Gateway TFC heal trauma, find permanency and become strong young adults.
  • Foster parents are fully supported and prepared to therapeutically care for youth in TFC.
  • Documentation is complete on time to serve our kids, foster parents and DHR.

Direct Services:

  • Participates in the admission’s process for child/family assigned to caseload.
  • Provides basic living skills, family support and crisis services to the birth, resource or foster family as deemed necessary by the child’s treatment and safety plans in conjunction with the ISP.
  • Teach, train and coach foster parents to work successfully with therapeutic children.
  • Provides crisis intervention and on-call services to the child/family/foster family as deemed necessary by the family assessment and ISP.
  • Meets with child/family in their homes, based upon their needs, to include evenings and weekends as deemed necessary by the safety plan, ISP, or treatment plan.
  • Provides face to face contact with assigned child/family according to ISP/treatment plan.
  • Provides aftercare services as deemed necessary by the contract requirements to ensure safety/stability of the client.
  • Assist the client/family and DHR with identifying permanency options to be outlined on the client’s treatment plan and/or the ISP.

Production Responsibilities:

  • Meets production standards by providing and billing direct services to                            children/families on caseload at a level consistent with established                                               criteria.
  • Meets timeliness criteria by recording all service documentation in the Avatar system within 24 hours of event’s occurrence.


Indirect Services:

  • Conduct monthly contact with client’s school, DHR worker and attend ISPs and IEP meetings as scheduled.          
  • Serves as liaison between biological family, foster family, school personnel, DHR and other community resources by encouraging a team approach for treatment, service delivery, and interventions.
  • Collaborate with DHR regarding the child/family’s progress towards reunification and permanency.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and competency in the Mandt System and Trauma-Focused CBT by working and joining with birth or family resources and DHR to encourage a smooth transition from out of home care to permanence for each client assigned.
  • 100% of clients will have current: EPSDTs, medical, dental, vision care.


Administrative Duties:

  • Assures compliance with QI standards and recommendations regarding documentation.
  • Completes 100% of safety plans, treatment plans and intake assessments for the child/family within established timeframes.
  • 100% of monthly summaries will be completed by the 10<sup>th</sup> of the following month of service provision and delivered to DHR.
  • Completes Medicaid and foster parent billing within established timeframes.


Standard of Conduct:

  • Adheres to agency leave policy while working a flexible schedule.
  • Attends required staff meetings, treatment team meetings, and in-services and receives at least 40 hours of training annually.
  • Provides services in a culturally proficient manner.
  • Follows Code of Ethics, agency and program policies and procedures.
  • Obtains required supervision for licensure.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Social Work with LBSW, LGSW, ALC or license eligible or Bachelors in related field.
  • Two years of experience in social services, not including internships, with at least six months in foster care or in-home services.
  • Passion for improving the lives of traumatized children in foster care.
  • Flexible schedule, must work evenings and weekends as needed to serve children and families.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficient with computers.
  • Ability to perform CPR, First Aid, the Mandt System and trauma-focused TBRI.



Gateway hires the best people, because the children and families we serve deserve nothing less. Our team is a hardworking, ethical, diverse and courageous workforce of champions. We are game changers, leaders and innovators, dedicated to building strong families and stronger communities. Each team member is an exemplary professional and role model, working at the highest levels of quality, integrity, cultural competence, safety and enthusiasm. Our unique strengths combine in Gateway’s collaborative environment to produce world-class outcomes for those we serve.

Competitive Salary + Excellent Benefits + 9 Paid Holidays

About Gateway:

Gateway is Alabama's leader in family solutions and Birmingham's oldest nonprofit.  We are experts in building strong families, thus stronger communities through a variety of services. This year alone, our workforce of champions have produced proven results: 

  • 107 Gateway families stayed together through counseling.
  • 57 children returned to their families.
  • 34 foster teens got a job.
  • Families in financial crises paid back $560,000 of debt.
  • 15 families kept their Homes through mortgage counseling.

Join our workforce of champions for Alabama children and familes. Apply today.

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